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Our Mission

Changing the Future with Balanced, Creative Innovation

International Youth Business Innovation Promotion, established in Los Angeles, CA, in 2015, by a group of Chinese teenagers under the average of 18 years old. It is an international youth-based, non-profit organization that advocates developmental innovations for a brighter future, promoting mutual benefits among the processes of creations.

Our goals: advise core values, undertake social responsibility, construct balanced education, and promote future growth.

Our Mission: To advocate trust spirits and values, and to comprehensively guide members of the organization.
Core values: innovative charity, extensive creations, efficient investments, and brighter future.

国际青少年商业创新促进会  (International Youth Business Innovation Promotion),创立于2015年由 一群平均年龄不到18岁的华裔青少年在加州洛杉矶成立。是一个国际性青少年以均衡创造力改变未来,促进青少年成长过程中的和谐共赢的公益机构。

我们的愿景:倡导核心价值,承担社会责任,  构建均衡教育,促进未来成长
价值观:创新公益  均衡创造  双效投资  收获未来

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