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2018年6月11日,在“鄉村與世界”的這個項目裡是里程碑的日子。 IYBI前瞻基金會(洛杉磯)的小伙伴們第一次來到了四川的鄉村小學訪問,在接下來的幾天裡,和當地的孩子們有了一系列的互動。

The Village Connection

June 11, 2018 marks the milestone in "The Village and the World" project. Volunteers of IYBI International Outlook Foundation (Los Angeles) visited a rural elementary school in Sichuan for the first time. In the following days, they had a series of interactions with local children.
On June 11, 2019, volunteers from IYBI International Outlook Foundation Los Angeles once again visited a rural elementary school in Yunnan. This time they did the visit and exchange in the form of an English classroom. The joy of meeting, however short, have sprouted the children's dream of using online teaching to let the village kids to see the world and let the world into the villages.
2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. When a sudden epidemic hit the world, IYBI's volunteers did not let that stop them. They used ZOOM to build an virtual bridge and let the English class into the village once again. After a year of development and hard work, a small English classroom named "Global Village" has been launched in China, Japan and Africa.

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